Monday, August 26, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - 050 Berry Smoothie

This color seemed sheer when I first applied it but now the colors seem to be a bit more rich in the berry color after a few applications. I will definitely have to take another pic and post it to show you what I mean. 
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
in the color 050 Berry Smoothie

This post was actually supposed to go up back on 04-16-2013 but I never got around to publishing this post. I didn't like the quality of the photos because I don't think it really shows the true color of this product. But here it is. Finally posting this up on my blog. I like the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters because the colors seem to be sheer but it doesn't seem like it's a tinted chapstick. The word "butter" is something that made me NOT want to try it but this is already my second one I've bought. 

I bet you already read reviews on other blogs and watched them on YouTube. Yes, it is good and I say that because I really don't like spending money on lip products but I got myself two of these babies. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Random Facts and Quote of the Week

Yes, I'm in a BMW 328i coupe.
No, that's not my car.

My daughter being my paparazzi!
On our way to Panera Bread for lunch on a sunny Sunday

#1 - I am a workaholic coffeeholic loveholic. When I say that, people look at me weird. I guess you can blame it on my addictive personality. But I'm not addicted to alcohol and I choose not to drink. Well, now I can't since I work Monday-Friday 7am-7pm and occasionally on Saturdays from 8am-5pm. I love work and I love working. But when I think about it, I think I like the little challenges and stress that comes along with critical documents. I guess I'm more of a office-type personality. But I'm still happy being a service advisor. I love cars and love customer service. I go to Starbucks at least twice a day now so I need to start making that money!!! Love... I've always been a loveholic, meaning I love to love and love to care. I'm not a whore and I do not love meeting guys. I just love LOVE. Without love in this world, it'll be too cold and unbearable. Who can blame me? Afterall, I was born on Valentine's Day.

#2 - My daughter is my paparazzi. She loves taking random and candid photos of me. She still thinks I'm the most beautiful person in the world and the world's greatest mom. I'm glad she doesn't post these candid photos on her FaceBook or InstaGram. LOL! I'm blessed to have a daughter like her.

#3 - I love driving but I don't like traffic. So you'll rarely see me in another city. I like Glendale and Burbank but I rarely go now since there's always traffic on the I-5.

#4 - My daughter and I get the same thing when we're at Panera Bread. We get the asiago cheese bagel, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and chips. That's all we get. I used to go to Panera Bread everyday when I lived in Orange County but now I rarely go since there isn't one in Los Angeles. Why isn't there one in Los Angeles? It really doesn't make sense. smh...

#5 - The color of my uniform is black. Yay! My favorite color! But I'm not too happy when it's hot outside and I'm walking 2 blocks to go to Starbucks in the burning sun. I wear the black polo shirt with the company name & logo, black pants, and black shoes. I work inside but I walk outside to get my lunch at a nearby place that's walking distance. I just can't wait for autumn to come!

(inspired by me watching "Lorax" for the past few weeks a million times)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

5 Random Facts and Quote of the Week

1 - OMFG!!! I swear there's a rat or mouse living in the wall of where I live. I hope I can get the f* out of here ASAP. Gosh... I still have to give a 30-day notice prior to moving out, look for a place to move out to, come up with the money to move, etc. omfg fml...

2 - I have changed jobs and started to wear uniforms. So I haven't been shopping or even dressing up on the weekends. I just like to relax on the weekends because I work 12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I am not sitting all day either. I am walking, power-walking, and running at times throughout my 12-hour work day.

3 - I am allergic to the sun. I don't know if I have told you guys before but yes, I am. No, I'm not an albino. I just get really bad rashes and burns on my body when exposed to the sun, especially in the summer. I have these 2 huge bumpy rashes and they are starting to look really bad. I don't know what to do. No, wearing SPF doesn't do anything. It's allergies, not a sunburn. I say that because I have friends asking me why I don't wear sunblock. Duh~ it's not sunburn!!!

4 - I am still going through a tough time in my life. Still can't discuss it with anyone. I am taking baby steps. Or maybe no steps at all since I don't have the time or energy to deal with it. *sigh* Today was one of those days where I was on an emotional roller coaster.

5 - People tell me that I look better without make-up. Or at least without the eyeliner + mascara. Hmm... But honestly, I don't think that way nor do I feel confident without them. But some people say I look MUCH better without the eye make-up. They're not saying I don't know how to apply eye make-up. They're saying I look better without eye make-up. So I sat at home and browsed through my selfies. Hmm... I still think I look better with the whole eyeliner + mascara thing going on. What do you think?

Quote of the Week 

"Loving everything about yourself, even the parts you consider unacceptable, is an act of personal power. It is the beginning of healing." - Dr. Christine Northrup

Saturday, July 27, 2013

OOTD - July 27 2013

Taking care of business~

Black dress is by Nine West
Bag is from olivia & joy
Shoes are from ??? I don't remember. They are black pumps that look like LouBoutins

I went to a morning meeting at the Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Then I went into work, even though it was my day off. I was then called to go into another meeting across the street from my work. The photo on the bottom right is me being ready to go home because I am so exhausted. Photos taken by my lovely daughter who loves being my paparazzi. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

AOTD - July 6 2013

Star knuckle ring and star earrings
Do you call it a "knuckle" ring or a "midi" ring?
Love the nail colors but not loving my cuticles.
I don't have time to get my nails done so I just do them myself with no cuticle care.