Monday, August 22, 2011

At Tom N Toms... AGAIN!!!

Tom N Tom's Coffee
3300 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020-5613
(213) 427-9867

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We are here... AGAIN!!! Well, tonight I was craving for some dessert that was sweet because I was feeling down. I needed my caffeine fix and needed a sugar high. We first went to Hollys Coffee but they were out of my fav dessert (tiramisu). Then we went to Heyri but their kitchen was closed (no dinner after 11pm). So we left and headed over to Tom N Toms.
Here's what we got:
*Parmesan pretzel $3.99
*Almond pretzel $3.99
*tall iced cafe mocha $3.35
*tall p. praline tomccino $3.75
TOTAL = $15.08

They make the pretzel when you order it so there's a 15-20 minute wait. You get a free dipping sauce with the pretzel. I believe the sauces you can choose from were nacho cheese, pizza, cream cheese, caramel, mustard, and... I can't remember. I got my parmesan pretzel with the pizza sauce. While I was eating it, I told Christine that I'd rather eat garlic breadsticks from Pizza Hut. Actually, I do love the breadsticks with the marinara sauce from Pizza Hut. Yummy! Well, I haven't eaten anything the entire day and that's why I was able to devour almost all of it. Tom N Toms has the card where you get it stamped for every drink you purchase. Here's a pic of ours. Yay! Free grande drink!!!

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