Friday, October 7, 2011

Dinner at Mr Pizza

Appetizer: Deep-fried mozarella cheese sticks
I didn't try it because I personally don't like cheese or cheesesticks.

A new pasta they have! Aglio E Olio! Traditional Italian pasta made with sliced garlic, peppercini, olive oil, and served with cheese on top. $11! You can add on extras for an extra charge (such as mushrooms, chicken, jumbo shrimp).

It was kind of blan but kind of good. I love mushrooms and I love garlic. They charge $2 extra for mushrooms. I specifically asked for the button mushrooms but you only get the choice of adding on portobello mushrooms. They have sliced garlic, peppercini, and olive oil in the pasta.

Looking out the window while waiting for the Potato Gold pizza! I'm hungry!!! Gimme~ gimme~~~! Potato Gold has a crust stuffed with sweet potato mousse and has potato wedges on top of the pizza. It's a classic since that was their most popular menu when they first opened here in Koreatown LA.

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