Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lamill Coffee Boutique

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I think when it's busy, the place is a bit bigger than this. But they had the wooden sliding doors closed. Although it looks nice and cozy, I felt a bit more claustrophobic.

Oooh~ look at those equipments!!!

Lighting above our table.

Cover of their menu

I ordered an iced valrhona mocha. THIS tasted awful. It tasted like watered down McD's iced coffee that's mixed with their chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. There was too much ice and I thought they were charging too much for it since I think if they took out the ice, there would be less than half a glass.

Pages from the menu (partial)

Look at the flank steak salad's ingredients. They have some kind of kimchi in it. I wonder if it'll taste good. Hmm...

Parking Options : Private lot in back or street

Venue: 6/10

Service: 3/10

Food: bakery, breakfast, lunch, and salad (didn't order any)

Taste – 3/10

Price – 3/10

notes: I'd rather drink iced coffee from McD's. The service was bad because they couldn't really answer questions (or at least I thought they didn't WANT to answer anything) and because they were rude. Also, the iced valrhona mocha tasted really bad. The quality and quantity of the beverage was blah! I'm not going to go back to Lamill's EVER!!!

- I also prefer not to give a total score, because each variable can be different.

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