Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake! At Cake House

Cake House on Urbanspoon

Cakes on display. Yummy!!!

My tiramisu

My daughter got the fruit cream cake (과일 생크림 케익)

My iced cafe mocha

This particular Cake House is located in a strip mall in Buena Park, CA. The other 2 that I've been to were located inside a mall next to a market so it was always over-crowded. But this one wasn't over-crowded. I liked how they did their interior but they can work on training their employees on customer service. They weren't that educated on what was in the cake (and all I asked was if their mocha tiramisu was more like a mousse and not a cake since it looked like a pudding in a cup). Plus, I felt like they were trying to rush me out of there. They wanted me to hurry up with my order. I ordered 2 slices of cake and didn't even get to look at the beverage menu when they rang me up. I was like "uh, can I get a small iced cafe mocha?!" I would go back but I'll make sure I know what I want and just yell the order at them. I don't like being rushed. SMH... Btw, I've had better iced cafe mocha. It tasted like chocolate milk with a hint of espresso. Yes, just a hint of espresso.

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