Friday, November 30, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy at Hodori

Hodori on Urbanspoon

Spicy rice cakes with ramen

Steamed dumplings

I love coming to Hodori because they have all types of Korean food. I can come in on a rainy day to eat their soups or stews, especially their 'Yook Gae Jang'. I believe they have one of the best Yook Gae Jang in Koreatown LA. I can go there on any other day just to eat stuff like their spicy rice cakes, dumplings, kimchi fried rice, omelet rice, etc. The service there overall is good too! Price is reasonable. The only thing is that parking is sometimes too packed. I'm surprised they didn't start using a valet parking service, just like any other joint in Koreatown LA. LOL!


  1. Hey! You're BACK!

    No comment on Hodori. I was with a team of Korean TV food show producers and they purposely picked this as the worst restaurant in Ktown.

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